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Coffee Without Milk

This podcast series focuses on the conversations between composers, artists, performers, and musicians in the 21st Century. The conversations are unfiltered, reflective, and engaging. Please take a listen and consider the impacts of the performing arts on our world.

Each episode can be listened to or saved to your device as an MP3 file. A link to watch the episode on YouTube is also available. Links are provided for each guest so you can explore more content.

The title, “Coffee Without Milk,” is the ‘punch line’ from a joke in the film, “Ninotchka” cited in a recent essay by Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Zizek. 

episode 008, Gregory T.S. Walker

Dr. George Walker is Ebb & Flow Arts’s Honorary President Emeritus (in Memoriam). The Walker family is a remarkable and exceptional American musical family. Listen in with world-renowned violinist and composer Gregory Walker as he shares extraordinary musical performances, stories about his father George Walker and his mother Helen Walker-Hill, and his ongoing passions and groundbreaking pursuits.

episode 007, Andy Behrle

Join the conversation with master sculptor and craftsman Andy Behrle as he discusses his process, technique, and inspiration for a variety of works involving light, electronics, sound, architecture, projected video, and handsomely refurbished Victrola’s adapted to play the music of the stars.

episode 006, Adam Tendler

World-renowned patriotic pianist Adam Tendler discusses the works and philosophies of John Cage, Christian Wolff, and Toru Takemitsu while lambasting censorship on Tumblr and delving into the rhythmic intricacies of nearly-lost composer Robert Moffat Palmer. Join us as we listen to recent performances and address the challenges of creating music and identifying with society and culture during the time of Covid.

episode 005, Bill Anderson w/ Joan Forsyth

Composer and virtouso guitarist Bill Anderson is joined by special guest and pianist Joan Forsyth to discuss modern music, the art of listening, the works of Dina Koston, poetry, Darmstadt, Fractal Baroque, the pronunciation of “Theorbo.”

episode 004, Lee Michael Walczuk

Lee Michael Walczuk, legendary puppet maker, craftsman, dancer, and performance artist joins EFA to talk story about all things creative and modern arts in Hawai’i. Video samples courtesy of Grofilms.

episode 003, Duo Diorama & igor santos

MingHuan Xu and Winston Choi of Duo Diorama join EFA from Chicago to discuss recent works, rehearsal and practice, and modern technique. Joined by special guest composer Igor Santos.

Episode 002, Robert Pollock

The second episode turns the questions around and focuses on the origins of EFA, and the complex textural styles of Robert’s music. A lesson in composition and an engaging conversation.

Episode 001, Peter Swanzy

This pilot episode features composer, video artist, and EFA technical producer Peter Swanzy discussing EFA endeavors, creating art for full-dome presentations, and the future.