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Ebb & Flow Arts, Inc. (E&FA) is a 501 (c) (3) non profit presenter of modern music and multi media events. It is the only such presenter in Hawai’i, and was founded in 1999, by composer/pianist Robert Pollock.

It aims to build bridges between the arts and connect artistic expressions and cultures. E&FA creates a global sound board and mirror for music and art in Hawai’i. We also teach children how to read & write music with “Scaling Haleakala,” an original curriculum.

Further information: (808) 876-1854, and ebbandflowarts2013@gmail.com ___________________________________________________________

Mission Statement: The work of composers and artists is central for an enlightened culture. Ebb & Flow Arts enriches the soul of the community by educating the children and by presenting contemporary music, art and multi media on Maui, in Hawai‘i, and around the world. Functioning in an international network, E&FA helps to provide a stage from which to inspire our culture to find new horizons.

E&FA productions receive support from AHS Foundation (MN), John R. Halligan Charitable Fund (Chicago), Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (Honolulu), Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music (Washington D. C.), Edward T. Cone Foundation (NYC), BMI Foundation (NYC), The Kosasa Foundation (Honolulu), Vendetti Productions Llc. (Maui), Amphion Foundation (NYC), Korean American Foundation Hawai’i, and private contributions. Web site service provided by Maui Web Designs.



Duo Diorama in Kauai, June 1, 2024 (top to bottom) – Audience at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Lihue; Minghuan Xu and Winston Choi in performance; Robert Pollock discusses the program during intermission


Ebb & Flow Arts in Chicago!

Video link to the live performance!


June Choi Oh in recital, March 2, 2024

(photos by Tony Novak-Clifford)

Keawala‘i Congregational Church



Paul Janes-Brown’s review of the August 19, 2023 concert


Ebb & Flow Arts in Seoul!

Veritas Musicae concert on November 14th, 2023, with cooperation from E&FA.  

See 2023 leaflet.



PIANO SYNERGY, June 17-18, 2023, CANTO OSTINATO for Four Pianos by Simeon ten Holt

The pianists are Mira Feldman, Brad Thompson, Robert Pollock, and Kees Wieringa. Photography by Tony Novak-Clifford.

Performance of Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt (the Netherlands, 1923-2012) on Sunday, June 18th

Pianists (l to r): Kees Wieringa, Damira Feldman, Robert Pollock, and Brad Thompson

Part of PIANO SYNERGY Festival at Maui Music Conservatory, Ruth Murata, owner

Paul Janes-Brown’s review (starts at 5:20).

KAOI radio interview with Kees Wieringa, June 16, 2023:


PIANO SYNERGY festival (l. to r.): Paul Janes-Brown, two unknown attendees, Robert Pollock (in blue shirt), Brad Thompson, Cheryl Cooney (our guest composer/pianist from Alberta, Canada), Ruth Murata, owner of Maui Music Conservatory (in front, in red and black), an unknown couple at the back, Klazine Pollock, Kees Wieringa (our guest pianist from France), and Damira Feldman


Concert at Keawala‘i Church, January 7, 2023 – The Walker Duo, Gregory, violin; Lori, piano


Masterclass at Maui Music Conservatory, January 8, 2023

(L to R) Ailis Nguyen, Gregory Walker, Skylar Kuroda, Rajè Bluml, Lucia Romero


composer Juhi Bansal, and pianist Nic Gerpe

after-concert reception August 28th (l to r) Tom Osborne, Juhi Bansal, Nic Gerpe, Robert and Klazine Pollock, Iggy and Christine Jang, Fumiko Wellington, Ethel Iwasaki

Beyond Corona on Earth Day

April 22, 2022, at ProArts Playhouse

Paul Janes Brown’s review of our August 26th concert at ProArts Playhouse featuring Nic Gerpe, pianist/composer


Tom Vendetti and Robert Pollock on KAOI radio with Cindy Paulos

April 19, 2022



Our August 28 and 29, 2021 shows are online at our new webpage.


Ebb & Flow Ensemble at ProArts Playhouse – November 17, 2021


See Paul Janes-Brown’s “Curtain Call” review

(l to r Sung Chan Chang, Ignace Jang, Robert Pollock)


Ebb & Flow Arts releases its fifth commercial CD, “Premiere Recordings”

Keokea….Ebb & Flow Arts is proud to announce its fifth commercial CD.  “Premiere Recordings”

comprises several works that have never been recorded. Eminent composers and performers

from around the world are part of this important release.

       This CD album, produced during the pandemic, comprises six pieces:

“Music for Two Pianos” by George Walker, “Polyphonic Songs” for solo violin

by Shinhee Park, “Glissées” for solo ‘cello by Isang Yun, “Trio” for violin, ‘cello,

and piano by Edward T. Cone, “Five Preludes” for piano by Vivian Fine, and

“Fata Morgana” for solo piano by Winston Choi. The dates of composition

range from 1939 to 2018.

        Performers include Minghuan Xu and Ignace Jang, violinists;

Alexander Hersh and Sung Chan Chang, ‘cellists, and Adam Tendler, Robert

Pollock, Naomi Niskala, and Winston Choi, pianists.

        “We are particularly grateful to our Grammy award-winning master

engineer, Da-Hong Seetoo,” says Ebb & Flow Arts Executive Director, Robert

Pollock. “His devotion and interest makes our new CD a remarkably well-

sounding experience,” he adds.

          Now available on amazon.com, Spotify.com, and other online platforms. To purchase hard copies of the CD, contact ebbandflowarts2013@gmail.com

        For information about our previous four commercial CD’s, see below.


• To be announced: Exclusive live stream release on CDBaby of Adam Tendler’s legendary Maui performance of John Cage’s “Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano.”


PODCAST SERIES – THE LATEST: Pianist, Naomi Niskala (PA). Featured are her remarkable renditions of music by American master, Robert Helps.

Go to the podcast page on this website. 

Or search on youtube


Cindy Paulos interviews Naomi Niskala and RP


Naomi Niskala performs music of Robert Helps on youtube

Naomi Niskala at Keawala’i Congregational Church, 11/15/2019


Adam Tendler on KAOI, July 18, 2019.


Track Record To date, E&FA has presented one hundred forty-five (145) concert/multi-media events in Maui, Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island, Sacramento, Berkeley and Oakland, California, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, and Jalapa, Mexico. These events included performances of five hundred ten (510) works by one hundred sixty-seven (167) composers, ninety-eight (98) world premieres, one hundred seventy-six (176) Hawai’i premieres, ten (10) biennial presentations by the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, fourteen (14) international festivals, twenty-five (25) KHPR radio broadcasts, eleven (11), four hour Manao radio broadcasts, sixty-five (65) informances, five (5) public library lectures, and one thousand two hundred sixty-seven (1,267) school music lessons. Audiences continue to grow. Often E&FA events fill their venues to capacity or SRO. Estimated total attendance: 32,000, not counting radio audiences – a total estimated 113,000 listeners. E&FA with its international profile and history of achievements, provides concert, education, and recording experiences that rival any on the mainland. Like few places on the planet, these magical islands of Hawai’i, inspire singular creations and performances that enrich the community. We attribute E&FA’s two decades of activity to our consistent quality, our laser-like focus on mission, and the extraordinary receptivity of our audiences.



Our previous four E&FA commercial cd’s are available on the Internet

“20 Years of Ebb & Flow Arts,”

“Ebb & Flow Arts – Explorations,”

“Solo and Chamber Music by Edward T. Cone,”

“Tangled Flow”



Dr. George Walker passed away on August 23, 2018.

He served as Honorary President of Ebb & Flow Arts from 2006 until his death. George Walker was a most noble and courageous human being. He embodied the answers to W. E. B. Du Bois’s famous four questions: How does integrity respond to oppression; decency to insult; honesty to deception; and virtue to brute force. No African-American could achieve so much without being the best at what he did. Despite racist oppression, he maintained absolute integrity as a composer, pianist, and educator. No matter the insult or injury, he remained a devoutly religious and decent person. He was honest about his concerns for accurate performances of his music. His autobiography recounts many times in which he faced down brute force by virtue of his character. We first became familiar with Walker’s compositions and pianism in New Jersey. Composers Guild of NJ, Inc. (1980-97) had the honor to present him in solo piano recitals, benefits in his honor, and other performances. Later in Hawai’i, E&FA sponsored a multi-day residence (2006) that involved presentation of several of his songs, piano solos, and chamber pieces. Dr. Walker had the foresight to record most of his compositions for posterity on Albany Records. Most recently E&FA helped to produce a recording of his “Sinfonia #5,”* composed when he was 95. George Walker had extremely exacting standards. He demanded excellence. When he did not get it, he was not shy about voicing his crtique – whether it be to a performer, critic, or other composer. In time, more and more people will recognize his amazing achievements despite enormous obstacles. E&FA plans memorial tributes throughout next season and beyond.

*Here is George Walker’s “Sinfonia No. 5 “Visions” – the version with video and narration


We have a youtube channel! Please subscribe.



David Lewiston, famed musical explorer, passed away in May. E&FA were honored that he was a member of our Advisory Board. He often attended our events, even when confined to a wheel chair, thanks to help by another Advisory Board member and devoted friend of David, Shannon Smith. See two obituaries: HERE and HERE Also, an essay by his friend and Executor of Lewiston archives, Brian Cullman

“Feldman in Hawai’i….You are working miracles.”

(Paul Griffiths, author, librettist, poet, former music critic for New York Times)

Full house at Iao Theater, May 21, 2016 Full house at Iao Theater, May 21, 2016, photo by Peter Swanzy

See more on our facebook page.

Long-range plan – Maui Institute for Modern Music (MIMM)

ABSTRACT Maui Institute for Modern Music – MIMM – When our Board asks how to perpetuate the work of Ebb & Flow Arts, long term, a recent idea occurs that may offer a cogent answer: Maui Institute for Modern Music (MIMM). Our institute will occur annually during a four consecutive week time frame. MIMM is a hybrid of two organizations: Maui Classical Chamber Music Festival, and Ensemble Intercontemporain (Paris). The former hosts mainland musicians for a week of concerts on Maui. The latter hires full time musicians to rehearse, record, and perform the most challenging modern music. MIMM is an evolution of Ebb & Flow Arts. In the past, E&FA presented ten, sprawling annual North South East West Festivals. MIMM will ensure the best of our work and personnel – glorious, full capacity audiences hearing uncompromising programs of modern music performed by expert professional musicians in Paradise! We will distill these in annual, concentrated celebrations of modern music and related multi media stage compositions. MIMM will further place Maui on the international map as a global center for innovative, cutting-edge music and culture. MIMM under the control of E&FA, is a worthwhile vehicle for continuity: It helps to gain the participation of younger musicians; it retains its well developed audiences of overflow crowds on Maui; it commercially records its work for the world to hear through Internet; it educates the general public and public school children; it is statewide with concerts on other Hawaiian islands; it establishes an international touring ensemble which each year rehearses and performs cutting-edge music; it is manageable because of its predictable, confined time frame each year, its unique, distinct purpose, and its compelling, committed international network. The focus will be on the most challenging modern music, including large chamber ensemble. Works include Schoenberg, “Serenade” for voice and 7 instruments, Boulez, “Le Marteau sans Maitre” for voice and 6 instruments, Sessions, “Concertino”, for 21 instruments, Antheil, “Ballet Mecanique” for 4 pianos and percussion, Charles Wuorinen “Concerto for flute and 10 instruments”. As MIMM evolves, we will seek out of state enrollment for master classes and private lessons. Eventually a MIMM Ensemble will tour and record commercially. Musicians and guest composers with whom we have worked will participate regularly; for example, Duo Diorama – Minghuan Xu, violin, and Winston Choi, piano (Chicago) – Sarn Oliver, violin (California), Scott Anderson, clarinet, and Joanna Morrison-Pernela, ‘cello (Honolulu), Adam Tendler, piano (NYC), and Jerry Kuderna, piano (Berkeley). E&FA’s multi media group – renowned musicians, painters, dancers from Maui – will also collaborate with the musicians to create original stage compositions at MIMM. MIMM will comprise three public performances, several master classes, public informances, public school music lessons, many rehearsals (some open), and recording sessions.