painting above – “Contrast”  by Tomas Belsky


Ebb & Flow Arts broadcast – Points of Departure – over Manao Hana Hou Radio – Sunday, January 24, 10AM – 2PM. 91.7FM and

Music by Holland’s most important composer of the 20th century – PETER SCHAT. Also music by Terry Riley in Tony’s corner, hosted by Tony Walholm.


BIG ISLAND TOUR – January 6 – 9:




Hilo Library 1:6:16





EFA_mots-010916-11x17-test120215 copy







Ebb & Flow Arts again participated in FIC21 2015, a new music festival in Xalapa, Mexico, c/o University of Veracruz, Dr. Emil Awad, director.

E&FA director offered a two hour lecture and performed a solo recital on September 30, 2015. Featured works are by Mario Davidovsky, Roger Sessions, Jose Saldana (assistant director of FIC21), Robert Pollock, William Anderson, Peter Schat, Olivier Messiaen, Milton Babbitt, Edward T. Cone, and Vivian Fine.

In Xalapa, we met again with our long time partner, William Anderson, guitarist and composer. He and his wife, pianist Joan Forsyth,  gave a recital as well that also featured a guitar orchestra.

On October 6, 2015, Robert gave a solo recital house concert at the home of James Carmichael, 6885 Chabot Rd., Oakland, CA.

(see slide shows below)



Please see the Facebook page for FIC21 2015 and FIC21 2014.


Join us on MANA’O RADIO 91.7 FM, streaming at

Sunday, January 24, 2016, 10AM-2PM.

Broadcast of the music by Dutch composer, Peter Schat (1935 – 2003). We will explore his remarkable “Tone Clock” for harmony with 12 tones.

Schat was our guest in New Jersey in the 1990’s, and then on Maui. He called Haleakala crater the “crown of the globe”.








On November 22, 2015, E&FA broadcast over Manao Hana Hou Radio heretofore unheard audio recordings of indigenous music from around the world as discovered and recorded by world renowned musical explorer, David Lewiston.









David Lewiston_10:29:2015

David Lewiston at Kula Bistro – October 29, 2015  (photo by Mirayam Licht)


Mahalo to Tony Novak-Clifford for his engineering assistance and his excellent stewardship of Mana’o Hana Hou Radio.


See more on our facebook page.



SARN OLIVER and FRIENDS – July 19, 2015

Seabury Hall, Makawao, Maui, Hawai’i


2015-sarn-oliver-press-edits-9732 copy

SARN OLIVER and FRIENDS (l to r) Sarn Oliver, Mariko Smiley,  Margaret Tait,  Shinya AbeRPollock addresses audience

Robert Pollock addresses full house at A’ali’ikuhonua Creative Arts Center @ Seabury Hall,  July 19,  2015.


“Solo and Chamber Music by Edward T. Cone” – available on our web site. See menu above.
Contact us for hard copies –


 cd booklet
cone_hi-194x300                                                                              EDWARD T. CONE

Iggy Jang  Hana Hou! Magazine   Oahu  04.29.11                                                                             Ignace Jang, violin

6869813202_50640ae73e_s-1                                                                                Adam Tendler, piano




Ebb & Flow Arts, Inc. (E&FA) is a 501 (c) (3) non profit presenter of modern music and multi media events. It is the only such presenter in Hawai’i, and was founded in 1999, by composer/pianist Robert Pollock. It aims to build bridges between the arts.

Mission Statement
The work of composers and artists is central for an enlightened culture. Ebb & Flow Arts enriches the soul of the community by educating the children and by presenting contemporary music, art and multi media on Maui, in Hawai’i, and around the world. Functioning in an international network, E&FA helps to provide a stage from which to inspire our culture to find new horizons

Ebb & Flow Arts co-produces CD, now available on Internet!

Scaling Haleakala, 5 lessons, K-5


Maui Institute for Modern Music – MIMM – When our Board asks how to perpetuate the work of Ebb & Flow Arts, long term, a recent idea occurs that may offer a cogent answer: Maui Institute for Modern Music (MIMM). Our institute will occur annually during a four consecutive week time frame. MIMM is a hybrid of two organizations: Maui Classical Chamber Music Festival, and Ensemble Intercontemporain (Paris). The former hosts mainland musicians for a week of concerts on Maui. The latter hires full time musicians to rehearse, record, and perform the most challenging modern music. MIMM is an evolution of Ebb & Flow Arts. In the past, E&FA presented ten, sprawling annual North South East West Festivals. MIMM will ensure the best of our work and personnel – glorious, full capacity audiences hearing uncompromising programs of modern music performed by expert professional musicians in Paradise! We will distill these in annual, concentrated celebrations of modern music and related multi media stage compositions. MIMM will further place Maui on the international map as a global center for innovative, cutting-edge music and culture. MIMM under the control of E&FA, is a worthwhile vehicle for continuity:  It helps to gain the participation of younger musicians; it retains its well developed audiences of overflow crowds on Maui; it commercially records its work for the world to hear through Internet; it educates the general public and public school children; it is statewide with concerts on other Hawaiian islands; it establishes an international touring ensemble which each year rehearses and performs cutting-edge music; it is manageable because of its predictable, confined time frame each year, its unique, distinct purpose, and its compelling, committed international network. The focus will be on the most challenging modern music, including large chamber ensemble. Works include Schoenberg, “Serenade” for voice and 7 instruments, Boulez, “Le Marteau sans Maitre” for voice and 6 instruments, Sessions, “Concertino”, for 21 instruments, Antheil, “Ballet Mecanique”  for 4  pianos and percussion, Charles Wuorinen “Concerto for flute and 10 instruments”. As MIMM evolves, we will seek out of state enrollment for master classes and private lessons. Eventually a MIMM Ensemble will tour and record commercially. Musicians and guest composers with whom we have worked will participate regularly; for example, Duo Diorama – Minghuan Xu, violin, and Winston Choi, piano (Chicago) – Sarn Oliver, violin (California), Scott Anderson, clarinet, and Joanna Morrison-Pernela, ‘cello (Honolulu), Adam Tendler, piano (NYC), and Jerry Kuderna, piano (Berkeley). E&FA’s multi media group – renowned musicians, painters, dancers from Maui – will also collaborate with the musicians to create original stage compositions at MIMM.  MIMM will comprise three public performances, several master classes, public informances, public school music lessons, many rehearsals (some open), and recording sessions.



8/31/13  Music of the Spheres event photos Photos from the June 27th 2009 Multimedia Extravaganza Photos from Summer Music Hawaii 2009 Friday, Dec. 11, 2009, workshops at Kihei Elementary School. John Zangrando, workshop leader. Organized by Kihei Community Keiki Club for “furlough Fridays.   For more photos, see our photo page.

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